School Nurse


  • Some good news!  All of Market Basket’s cupcakes and mini-cupcakes (and I think muffins) are nut free.  It says nut free on the package and the baker said that they are manufactured in a nut free facility 🙂  Still, parents should check the label each time they purchase any of these items.  Also, Betty Crocker’s cake and frosting mixes tend to be nut free.
  •  Please remember that your child must be fever free, without fever reducing medication, for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Cases of head lice are not uncommon in elementary schools.  To control the spread of head lice to the best of our ability, you can help by:

1.  Please check your child’s head if they are complaining of itching.

2.  Head lice likes to lay their eggs (called nits) on the back of the head, near the hairline and behind the ears.  Nits are small, white, and sesame seed sized, and are typically stuck on the strands of hair like glue.  They tend to be close to the scalp.

3.  If your child has head lice, please contact the School Nurse so that we can check other students in their class.

4.  Students who have lice must be checked by the School Nurse in the morning before returning to school.

  • If your child is put on medication, you may want to let the nurse know in case any side effects occur during the school day.  Please remember that students can not transport any medication in their backpacks to or from school.  A parent must bring mediation to the nurse’s office for his/her student.
  • Do you have any “gently used” extra articles of clothing that you might be able to donate to the Nurse’s Office?  We are in need of boys and girls underwear, pants and tops in assorted (Placentino School) sizes.  Thank you!