This Week at Placentino: December 2-6

I hope everyone enjoyed our Thanksgiving break and long holiday weekend!

Placentino students CARE

Our Friends at the Holliston Food Pantry Shelf are so grateful for the kindness that Placentino families show with their generous and gracious donations of food and paper good items.  Thank-you so much!

CARE Information for our families.  Starting this week there will be two new trade-ins on our CARE cart that I wanted you to know about. The first is called a “High Five.”  If a student sees a friend showing CARE then he or she can acknowledge it by writing a simple description of the CARE that was observed and their friend’s name on the “High Five.”  The “High Fives” will be displayed in our Atrium for everyone to see.  We’re hoping to fill the columns in the Atrium with “High Fives.”

Children can also “trade-in” for winter/holiday coloring pages.  We will be donating the pages to local nursing homes, hospitals and the Holliston Food Pantry as a way of extending our CARE to others at this special time of the year.  Some children may choose to bring their coloring pages home and then return them to school.  We’re hoping to have lots of colorful pages to share!

Another relatively new trade-in on the CARE cart is our CARE Gram.  Some children have been trading-in their CARE cards for CARE Grams.  They write or draw a simple “caring” message on the CARE Gram for an adult at Placentino, and then it is “mailed” and delivered.  Again, some children may choose to complete their CARE Grams at home and then bring them back to school once they’re ready to be delivered.

As always, thank-you to all our families for your continued support of our CARE program and our Placentino School community.

Linda Weene


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