This Week at Placentino: March 17 – March 22

Another snowy No-School Day!  Hopefully this will be winter’s “last hoorah” and the next weeks will bring some snow-free and warmer springlike weather!

The Word of the Week this week is “writing.”  During Monday Morning announcements I thanked the children for making our March Mail program so successful  I mentioned that every child at Placentino is a writer.  I also mentioned that from the sale of our March Mail stamps we have raised over $250 for our friends at the Holliston Food Pantry. Remember there is a link on the Placentino homepage that will take you directly to information about March Mail and printable stationary so that you can write letters from home whenever you want!

Believe it or not we are already making plans to begin the placement process for next year’s teacher assignments.  Within the next couple of days you will find my letter regarding placement posted on Back Pack Express.  You will also find a letter from Mr. David Keim, Principal of Miller School, that is specifically written for students in Grade Two or Second Year Montessori who will be moving on to Grade Three or the Third and Fourth Year Montessori  Program at Miller.  Please remember that writing a letter describing your child’s learning style is completely optional.  Also note that each letter is thoughtfully considered however, placement decisions are made based on a variety of criteria and, for a number of reasons, including the name of a teacher preference in your letter may not necessarily be honored.  Thank-you.

If you’ve visited Placentino recently you probably noticed the trees in the hallway (on Placentino Street) next to the office.  For two months the children have been trading-in their CARE cards for the snowflakes and icicles that cover the trees.  I mentioned to the children that when the trees were filled with snowflakes and icicles we would have a special all-school event.  During Monday Morning announcements I announced that this Friday will be “Icy-Treat Day” at Placentino.  We’ll celebrate the wonderful work the children did earning and trading-in CARE cards with a summer treat that we usually don’t think about eating when there’s snow on the ground and it’s cold – popsicles!  I suggested to the teachers that it would be fun to have the treat outside, and with the snow on the ground and the weather predication for a cold week (even though Spring will be here on Wednesday), this might work out very well!

Placentino’s next Food Pantry Day will be this Thursday, March 21st.

There will be No School on Good Friday, March 29th.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Weene

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