Welcome Back to School!

I hope that all of our Placentino students and their families have had a wonderful summer!  We are all looking forward to an exciting and successful new school year!

As we begin the year please remember that all of our classrooms are nut free, peanut free and tree nut free.  Students may still bring whatever they would like for lunch, however morning snack and foods brought into the classroom for celebrations must be “Nut Free.”  This includes not only food with explicit tree nut and/or peanut ingredients, but also those foods that contain the warning “may be processed in a facility that manufactures tree not/peanut products.”  A list of “Recommended Foods for Classroom Distribution” is located on the Placentino School Home Page. 

For the last few years birthday celebrations in Grades One and Two have been “food free.”  Beginning this year classroom birthday celebrations at all grade levels (including Kindergarten and PreK) will be “food free.” This will ensure that all food entering our classrooms is peanut-free, nut-free and tree-nut free.  Thank-you for adhereing to this policy.

Also, don’t forget “Wellness Wednesday.”  To foster healthy eatting habits, we’re encouraging all our students to bring a healthy snack to school each Wednesday. 

                             Placentino students CARE! 

             Cooperation ..  Acceptance .. Responsibility .. Effort 

This year we are introducing a school -wide initiative called PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports).  PBIS helps foster a positive school climate by:  establishing clearly defined expectations for student behavior, teaching and practicing these positive expectations, providing a common school-wide language, and utilizing data to guide decisions.  You’ll be hearing more about CARE as the year begins!

Our classrooms look wonderful and our Placentino staff is ready to go!  Welcome back to school!

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