Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy 100th Day!

We’re starting this week with two exciting events for our Placentino students…Valentine’s Day and 100th Day!  The children are anxiously looking forward to exchanging cards and notes with their classmates.  They are also looking forward to sharing 100th Day activities and events with classmates and with other Placentino students. 

100th Day is a great way to have fun while reinforcing math activities that are focused on the number 100.  Please check the attached 100th Day Parent Letter from our Math Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs. Rourke.  You can click onto the letter from this blog. 

My “Word of the Week” this week is “kindness.”  Remembering to be “kind” and “polite” with our words and actions is something that we talk about often at Placentino.  Thank you for reinforcing the same messages at home.  Placentino students are the best!

Mrs Rourke’s 100th Day Parent letter


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