Holiday and New Year Wishes!

Where did the time go?  The excitement and energy in our school are reminders that vacation and holiday time are just around the corner!

We have had a terrific first half of the school year.  The learning that takes place in our classrooms and throughout our building each day resonates with the committment that the Placentino staff has to providing an excellent and rich elementary school experience for each one of our young students.

For so many of our children, this time of the year brings the joy and excitement of family and tradition to our homes and school.  It is a time of gift-giving and sharing, a time to remember that often the most important gift that we, as adults, can give our children is “our time.”  In this fast-paced world that we have created, minutes spent together quietly reading, taking a walk around the block or discussing the happenings of a day at school help create life-long memories and everlasting gifts.

December notes: 

  • Please check the “Lost and Found” area that is located near the elevator in the Atrium.  Any clothing that is not claimed after vacation will be donated to a local charity.
  • Remember to check “Backpack Express” for new notices and important information.
  • Thank you to HEPTSA for coordinating the Fall-Fundraiser.  There was a great response, and now our students will benefit from your efforts and support.  Thank you!

Finally, on behalf of our entire Placentino School Office, I want to sincerely wish all of our families a joyous holiday season and a healthy and happy New Year.

Linda Weene

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